Tips For Surviving Bedrest During Pregnancy.

March 25, 2017

32 Weeks Pregnant

Friday, April 22 was supposed to be just a normal monthly checkup. I was 32 weeks pregnant with Liam and felt great. I’d experience Braxton Hicks every so often but that was about it. The day of the appointment, Ben just happened to have off from work which doesn’t happen very often.  I woke up that morning and had some complications but didnt think much of it. We went to my appointment and I told the nurse what was going on. She seemed concerned and since my doctor wasn’t in yet she had  me see another doctor right away. A doctor whom I hadn’t met yet came in and performed an exam and said my cervix seemed short and wanted me to have an ultrasound. The ultrasound confirmed that my cervix was half the length it should be for how far along I was in my pregnancy. My OBGYN was available now and came in to talk to us, and told us that she wanted to send me to Labor & Delivery to get checked out and make sure everything is OK.

Surviving bedrest
The day before I was put on bedrest

I remember that when she left, Ben and I just looked at each other and laughed because we thought they were over reacting a bit. I felt completely fine, never had any other complication during my pregnancy, and my blood pressure was always perfect. But we went, of course, because they were telling us to.  We didn’t think to go home first to pack anything because we were sure they would hook me up and see that everything was fine and then send me home.

Going on bedrest

When we arrived at the hospital and they brought me to my room, they had me put on a gown and this super itchy netting around my belly to hold all the monitors in place. The nurse was watching the monitors and then kept looking back at me. After many concerned looks from the nurse, she finally asked me “do you feel anything at all, any pain or discomfort?” I Said “no, I feel good.” She then  told me that I was in labor and having contractions every 2 minutes! UH, WHAT?! I thought you were supposed to feel contractions and be in pain? I felt no pain at all!

At this point, the nurse went to get the OBGYN and he explained what was going to happen next. They were going to hook me up to Magnesium Sulfate and give me Procardia to “hopefully” stop the contractions. They were also going to give me some steroids to help Liam’s  lungs just in case he was born prematurely.

Surviving bedrest
Having contractions every 2 minutes at this point.

After 24 hours, my contractions slowed down to every 4 hours and then by the end of 3 days of strict hospital bed rest, I was rarely having contractions. The OBGYN agreed to let me go home (mainly because I was begging) and stay on strict bedrest at home. I was told to only get up to use the bathroom and take a very quick shower. And they didn’t want me even sitting up, I was to lay flat or almost flat the rest of my pregnancy!

Anyone who know me, knows that bed rest was not going to go over well with me. I’m a very active person, I mean, I was at spin class the day before I was admitted to the hospital. Now I had to go from working, walking my dog 3+ miles a day, and working out to not being allowed to stand and make myself a cup of coffee.

So, if you are an active person and now being put on bedrest, I feel ya! It’s rough and the last thing you want to hear is “OMG I wish I could be on bedrest and not work” { enter eye roll here} You will get bored and you will want to punch the next person who tells you that you are so lucky to be on bedrest! But, here are some tips on how to survive bedrest without killing someone ( mostly because that would require you getting out of bed).

Tips for Surviving Bedrest

  • Netflix Subscription. This is a MUST! You will watch and re-watch Desperate Housewives and Gossip Girl until you know every word to every episode.
  • Your Mom/Mother-in-law/Grandma. These are the people who are going to take you to your now weekly ( and sometimes biweekly) doctors visit, make you food for the week, and do your laundry even when you tell them no. To save yourself some time, don’t tell them no because they won’t listen anyways.
  • Snack Basket on Your Nightstand. Like I said before, I wasn’t allowed to get up to make myself food and since you are pregnant, you eat all the time! So have one of the people mentioned above or your spouse  stock your nightstand with snacks and water before they leave.
  • Books. Now is the time to read all those books you’ve heard about and have been wanting to read. Believe me, you won’t have time after baby is here. 
  • Dry Shampoo and Nail Polish. Let’s try to keep ourselves somewhat presentable.
  • Pinterest. So when I was put on bedrest Liam’s nursery wasn’t finished yet. So instead of going to stores and looking for everything, I’d look on Pinterest and then order everything for his room. Even though you are not allowed to get out of bed,  that doesn’t mean you can’t get everything you wanted for your little babe’s room.Tips for surviving bedrest during pregnancy

So mama if you are currently laying in bed and not allowed to get up, I promise you that you will survive! As hard as it is to do and hear, enjoy this time you have to yourself. Once that little babe is here there will be days that you wish you were on bedrest again! Focus on the end goal, a healthy fullterm baby.

Have any of you been put on bedrest? I want to hear you story. Any tips for surviving bedrest during pregnancy? Tell us in the comments. 

      1. Thanks! I’m actually not on bedrest anymore but it was pretty tough 🙂

    1. I have a 3 year old I stay home with and I love playing and being able to do things with him. My husband works for the HPD and is an awesome guy and I can’t cook or do anything for him (goodbye nice hair and makeup) . I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have a long way to go. I have vasa previa and a dynamic cervix.
      I’m a pretty positive person most of the time but am bummed out today. I have so much love and support all around me and I am so thankful. I am just sad bc I miss being able to do so many things. I feel selfish for being sad or missing being able to do things bc I know that the life of my baby girl inside of me is so important. Just bummed out is all.

      1. Totally understandable to feel sad, I was so annoyed when they put me on bedrest. I wanted to enjoy the little time I had left without a baby and i felt like that was taken away from me. But we know better so of course we stay in bed for our unborn child. It will all be worth it when that little baby is in your arms. Hang in there mama!

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