Champagne Cocktails to Serve at Your Next Girls’ Night.

February 26, 2017

Champagne cocktails to serve at your next girls nightSo today we are talking about something we are {slightly} obsessed with, Champagne. And while we are perfectly content with a glass of bubbly, sometimes ya gotta mix things up. We are sharing with you two of our favorite Champagne cocktails. These two  Champagne cocktails will go perfectly at your next girls’ night.  The Classic Champagne Cocktail for when you don’t have any extra time but want to serve a sophisticated and classic cocktail. The Bubbly Blackberry Cocktail for when you want to impress your ladies with a gorgeous pink bubbly drink. Either way, we have you covered!


Classic Champagne CocktailChampagne cocktails to serve at your next girls night

What you need:

Start by putting one sugar cube into each Champagne glass. Lightly pour the bitters on the sugar cube, just enough to coat the sugar cube. Next, pour in enough Champagne to fill the class. Garnish with a lemon or orange twist and that is all! 


Bubbly Blackberry CocktailChampagne Cocktails to serve at your next girls night

What you need:

First, start off by making the blackberry syrup. In a small saucepan, bring the blackberries, water and sugar to a boil. Reduce heat to a simmer and simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the sauce is a pink/red color and the blackberries are soft. Removed from heat, drain blackberries and cool in the refrigerator.                                                                                                              

To make the sugar rim, dip the rim of the glass in agave and then in to the gold sugar. Next, add 1.5 ounces of gin to each glass. Now drop a few blackberries and  a sprig of thyme into the glass followed by 1-2 ounces (depends on how sweet you want the cocktail) of your blackberry simple syrup. Champagne cocktails to serve at your next girls night

Fill the rest of the glass with Champagne and serve your beautiful cocktail to your lovely ladies!Champagne cocktails to serve at your next girls night

*This delicious recipe was adapted from The Effortless Chic



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