Little ways to treat yo'self.

Little Ways to Treat Yourself + Instagram Giveaway

Treat Yo'self In our busy lives it's often difficult to remember to take time for ourselves. We are always taking care of everyone else,  our babies, animals and husbands. It doesn't matter who you are, you need to treat yo'self here and there. Chanda loves to treat herself by doing a face mask or hair mask. Alex's favorite way to take time for herself is going to the gym.  We aren't talking about a big splurge (Although that's OK too).…

Champagne Cocktails to Serve at Your Next Girls’ Night.

So today we are talking about something we are {slightly} obsessed with, Champagne. And while we are perfectly content with a glass of bubbly, sometimes ya gotta mix things up. We are sharing with you two of our favorite Champagne cocktails. These two  Champagne cocktails will go perfectly at your next girls' night.  The Classic Champagne Cocktail for when you don't have any extra time but want to serve a sophisticated and classic cocktail. The Bubbly Blackberry Cocktail for when…

Our favorite ten wines under $30 you're gonna love

Our ten favorite red wines under $30 you’re gonna love.

Do any two things go more hand-in-hand  than wine and motherhood?! There is something so satisfying about savoring(or chugging, we don't judge) a glass of red wine after a long day of running after your children. Our ten favorite red wines under $30 to love We love a good red wine even more so when it didn't cost us $50. Just because a bottle is $100, doesn't mean it's going to be amazing. I've had some $20 bottles that tasted way better…