About Us

Two girls who met through a love of wine.

Bubbly & Babes is a lifestyle blog about momhood, adventures and everything in between, written by two lovely mommas, Alex and Chanda. We share an interest in wine (especially Bubbly), our boys (or babes as we like to refer to them) and the pursuit of a slightly chicer life. Hence,  Bubbly & Babes was born. We became friends after a wine tasting party at Alex’s and have remained close friends even when many states were between us. Now we both live on the east coast of Florida and get to watch our little babes grow up together. We are so thankful that you are here and following along.

Extra large bottle of rose, please
Extra large bottle of rosé, please
A little about us
Born and raised on the east coast of Florida, I have never lived more than 10 minutes away from the beach. Five years ago I married a wonderful man. We now have a beautiful baby boy, Liam.
A true fitness junkie, I’m always dressed and ready to try any new workout. Despite my love for health and fitness, I went to school for radiology. I’ve worked as an interventional radiologic technologist for the last 5 years at a hospital but I’m currently pursuing a career in health and wellness. A few years ago I make the decision to go PRN, ultimately knowing I wanted to stay-at-home when we had children. I work a few days a month but majority of the time you’ll find me at home playing with my little man.

Obsessions: spin class, baking cupcakes, local coffee shops and traveling to places that have snow.

Born and raised in Upstate New York. Growing up in the countryside made for a wonderful childhood. Now residing in coastal Florida where my lovely husband is from. Together we have one son who is currently a full blown toddler.
An adventurer at heart, I am always ready to start something new (even if I probably won’t finish it), go for a bike ride and visit any place I’ve never been to before. I forget I’m an animal lover, until I see one! I have done a little bit of everything, I’ve been a dental hygienist, worked for an amazing interior designer/shoppe owner and been the first-mate(and narrator) on a boat. I’m incredibly excited about my newest venture, Bubbly & Babes!

Obsessions: music, dancing, the pursuit of good coffee, pineapples and being by a body of water.