A Saturday at the Central Florida Zoo.

April 10, 2017

Where we live we are fortunate enough to have a zoo about 30 minutes away. And, of course, when you have little ones you want to take them to the zoo. Seeing their eyes light up when they realize there is a ginormous giraffe in front of them is seriously priceless.  

We have been trying to plan a day at the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens for weeks! But life kept getting in the way! So finally we made it even though we found out the zoo was closing early at the last second.

It was perfect weather for a day at the zoo and the little babes were ready! Honestly us grown up babes were too.

Central Florida Zoo

Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens 

The day started off with our adorable husbands looking at the map and attempting to plan our path. Chanda and I however just charged forward and they eventually followed. This is an adventure people, no map required. 

Central Florida Zoo

We have to say, this is one beautiful zoo. There is a wooden boardwalk throughout most of it and the landscaping is so well done. We loved the bushes and flowers planted to attract butterflies, they were everywhere! Plus, you can feed the giraffes and rhinos..seriously cool!

Then onto the massive tortoises, warthogs and porcupines. As we traveled deeper into the zoo we spotted(yes, spotted) two cheetahs pacing back and forth. Then, giraffes, they were so close. The boys eyes widened as they realized what was before them. Us grown up babes wanted to feed the giraffes. But the giraffes had recently eaten, so they couldn’t have cared less about us, much to our dismay. 

Then onto the Rhinos! Seriously, they were much larger than we realized. There was a nice sitting area in front of them, which was good because we were pretty obsessed with them and there for a while. Central Florida Zoo

Central Florida Zoo

After that we made our way to the Herpatarium, which happened to be a favorite of Declan’s. Chanda’s hoping his interest in snakes wanes soon, if not he’ll probably be trying to catch them soon. This being Florida we also saw some serious Alligators!

One of the best things about the Central Florida Zoo & Botanical Gardens is the location, right in Downtown Sanford. After the zoo, if you drive about 4 minutes down the road you will land on some seriously amazing places. We will have a post about some of the best places there soon, but for now do yourself a favor and go grab some lunch and beer at Willow Tree Cafe  afterwards!

Have you taken your little babes to the zoo? What was their reaction to all the animals? Let us know in the comments below!

Central Florida Zoo

Central Florida Zoo

Central Florida Zoo



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